Mini Cooper Service and Repair in Heath, OH

Our auto shop in Heath is the most trusted destination around when it comes to Mini Cooper Repairs and maintenance. That’s because our team is passionate about how Minis run and we honor that with a service that does justice to the manufacturer and their beautifully crafted, speedy cars. It could be the most advanced repair like an engine rebuild, or an oil change; we do it all and get it done right the first time.

Trusting Our Auto Shop in Heath For Mini Cooper Repair

Expert Technicians

Over the years, we’ve earned our reputation of being the go-to Mini Cooper specialists by bringing our experience and manufacturer-specific training to the table. Everything Mini innovates, we’re the first to know and make sure we understand how it works, and how to fix it right.

Advanced Facility

There is nothing like our facility in this town. We’ve put it together from an expert’s point of view, ensuring that every piece of equipment in this shop is manufacturer-grade. Using OEM parts like we do maintains the integrity of the original build so it retains its value and performance.

Customers First!

We’re locals to Heath and feel it is our duty to do right by our community by giving them on ly the best quality service in exchange for their trust. We’re so confident in everything we do, that we back it up with a 24-month warranty so if anything happens, we’re happy to help out and make things right.

Mini Cooper Services in Heath: The Gold Standard

Regular, Routine Maintenance

If you want your Mini to handle like it should for years to come, you must bring it in for regular maintenance service like the following:

  • Oil Changes: Most people who drive Minis are aware enough of how important this is, but we wanted to confirm… Yes! Oil changes are extremely important if you want your car to walk hard and handle like it should!
  • Brake Services: Stopping power is just as important as engine power!
  • Fluid Checks: Everything has to be level if you want the car to run like you expect it to.
  • Tire Services: The connection of your car to the road is of utmost importance. Use good tires, make sure they’re aligned, and get them rotated every 5k miles.

Diagnostics and Repair Services

We use the most advanced diagnostic systems available. Coupled with the wisdom of our experienced technicians, we don’t miss a beat. They can figure out any issue and fix it to perfection.

  • Mini Engine Repair: It doesn’t matter the nature of the engine problem. We can take them apart and put them back together with ease. A major overhaul or a minor fix, we’ve got your back.
  • Transmission Service: Connecting the power of the engine to the chassis takes on a lot of responsibility and torque. Get it fixed right by the pros at our shop.
  • Suspension and Steering Repairs: Minis are known for a smooth, well handled ride. Maintain that truth and get your suspension fixed by the experts at our shop.
  • Electrical Repairs: We handle it all. Whether is a battery replacement, or an electrical system issue, we’ll have it all done it no time.
  • Power Doors and Windows: The trunk on a new Mini opening and closing on its own is beyond convenient, especially when you’ve got a handful of groceries. Despite how advanced these systems tend to be, Howland Autohaus will get it fixed right.
  • Belts and Hoses: When you start to hear the belt in your engine making a squealing noise, get it fixed by the pros for the sake of the engine and everybody’s sonic peace.


How often should I change the Oil in my Mini?

The general standard is every 7,500 to 10,000 miles however, if you’re the type who’s constantly racing around and taking full advantage of what you have, get it changed more often than that.

What should I do if my check engine light comes on?

Take your car straight to the Mini mechanics at our shop. You don’t want to ignore a check engine light for long because even though the car is still running all right, it could indicate a deeper issue that may ruin the integrity of expensive parts of the vehicle.

Is a Mini Cooper Expensive to Repair?

Minis are about the middle of the road when it comes to parts costs. As a local shop, we’ll give you all the information about how much everything costs for us so you can assess what’s best for you.

Can you repair run-flat tires on a Mini Cooper?

It depends on how large the tear in the tire is, and how bald the tires have become. Oftentimes, we can fix these sorts of tires with a patch.

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There is no better place in all of Alabama to get your Mini Cooper repaired. The pros here will give you the best quality auto repair and maintenance services for fair prices, and with Southern hospitality that will remind you why we all love this state.

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