Honda Service in Heath, OH

As a group of mechanics who love cars that serve their owners with reliability and longevity, we are always happy to conduct a Honda repair. Honda is king when it comes to innovating technology with the consumer in mind by devising more efficient ways to burn fuel, as well as making their cars affordable yet beautiful. At our Heath auto shop, we’ll ensure that your Honda keeps on moving the way you need it to for a fair price that will pay off in the long run, just like your Honda itself. Whether it’s a Civic, Accord, CR-V, or any of the other Honda models, our team will upgrade your vehicle to prime condition, embodying the harmony of form and function that Honda represents.

Trusting Howland Autohaus with your Honda

Seasoned Technicians

The technicians working at our Heath auto shop are all ASE-certified after rigorous training. They’ve also gone through Honda-specific instructions to ensure they have specialist knowledge directly from the manufacturer’s handbooks. Considering their continuous training to understand the technological innovations Honda implements, our experts can ensure your vehicle receives the care it deserves. From the intricacies of hybrids to the robustness of their easy-to-work-on engines, our shop can take care of it with hands of wisdom.

An Elite Facility

The latest diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art equipment fill our auto shop, so we have all of the highest quality equipment to turn to when we make a fix, no matter the complexity of the issue. All of the parts we use for replacements are OEM, meaning your Honda is repaired with genuine manufacturer-grade parts to ensure their quality and your car’s value.

Outstanding Customer Service

Besides our much fairer prices, how we treat our customers contrasts us against corporate dealerships. We treat everyone like the local community members they are. It’s a neighborly approach to business; we’re proud of that. Furthermore, all of our repairs are guaranteed by a 24-month warranty to keep you at peace and to galvanize our faith in every service we perform.

Comprehensive Honda Repair Services

Routine Maintenance

There is nothing more important than keeping your Honda running robustly. When you’re a Honda owner, this is likely the reason you got the car in the first place. However, one must understand that the key to that longevity is routine maintenance.

Oil Changes are a no-brainer for keeping your engine healthy. Our Honda oil changes utilize the ideal oil for these vehicles and dispose of the oil, all for a very fair price.

  • Brake Services: We pay extreme attention to Brake Inspections and maintenance of pads, rotors, and calipers to ensure the safety of our clients and community.
  • Fluid Checks: Your car’s vital fluids keep many parts healthy and running properly.

Diagnostics and Repairs

The advanced diagnostic systems we use to identify any issues that may be going on with your Honda are conducted with the highest quality tools one can get. All of the repairs we do are thorough enough to ensure problems are fixed at the root.

  • Engine Repair: An engine rebuild is a cinch for us, but our mechanics will happily take care of something simple like a valve replacement in no time.
  • Transmission Service: If you want your ride to feel as smooth as it should, get your transmission serviced by the Lexus repair pros.
  • Suspension and Steering: Hondas are renowned for tight and comfortable handling, and the key to this is a healthy suspension that’s well-tuned to your style.
  • A/C and Heating Repair: On those blistering hot days in Heath or the bone-chilling cold ones, let your car be a haven by getting your Honda’s A/C serviced at our auto shop.
  • Exhaust System Repair: When it comes to performance, the exhaust system’s health is vital!


Can Howland handle hybrid Honda models?

Yes, our technicians have been specially trained to service all Honda vehicles, including their CR-V hybrids, Civic hybrids, and many more.

Are Honda Civics cheap to repair?

Yes, in general, Honda Civics were designed to be easy to work on, and their parts were made plentiful so consumers wouldn’t have to pay a high price tag or wait too long to get parts shipped.

How often should I service my Honda’s Transmission?

Between every 30,000 and 60,000 miles, your transmission should be serviced depending on your driving style and the local conditions.

What should I do if my Honda’s engine is overheating?

If you notice your Honda is overheating while driving, pull over right away and put some coolant in the engine. In any event, the best thing to do is bring it to an auto shop like ours and get everything checked out for your safety.

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