Lexus Service and Repair in Heath, OH

When it comes to a luxury vehicle like a Lexus, you’re going to want only the most experienced hands to work on that vehicle for you. Howland Autohaus is the most committed auto shop in Heath when it comes to servicing and repairing Lexus vehicles so their drivers can get the most out of their investment. We can repair any of the Lexus models with precision, including the IS sedan and the GX SUV. Our goal is to return your car running at its peak performance capabilities, reliable for years, and as luxurious as ever.

Entrusting Your Lexus to Our Heath Auto Shop

Distinguished Technicians

We are comprised of ASE-certified professional mechanics who have undergone meticulous and extensive training to become specialists in the Lexus brand. Our in-depth experience working to understand Lexus’ engineering style alongside their late technological advancements has given us the years of experience needed to handle the most advanced models with exact precision in a breeze.

State-of-the-Art Facility

The tools and equipment that fill our beloved facility are nothing short of cutting-edge, enabling us to help our community of Lexus drivers at a local price the dealership has nightmares over. All the parts we use to work on Lexus vehicles are genuine OEM parts so your vehicle retains its longevity and integrity.

Unmatched Customer Service

There is an air of intensity at Howland Autohaus when it comes to our integrity. We are stringent about ensuring that our customers receive the most transparent services, and we fulfill that ideal by letting you know everything about the steps it will take to fix your car and all the associated costs. We back our commitment further by providing a 24-month warranty to prove we believe in what we do.

Full-Range Lexus Services: Performance Peak

Routine Maintenance Services

If you want your Lexus to perform as it should for more than just a handful of years, it’s imperative that you take it in for regular upkeep. The necessary regular maintenance services we offer include:

  • Oil Changes: We use Lexus-recommended synthetic oils to ensure your engine runs like as smooth as butter on warm toast.
  • Brake Services: To guarantee your safety, which is a priority to us, a regular brake inspection done by professionals is imperative.
  • Fluid Checks: Keeping all your fluids at the optimal level will ensure things like your A/C and engine are working at their highest capacity.

Diagnostic and Repair Services

We use the most modern diagnostic systems available on the market to pinpoint issues with precision. Coupled with our team of technician’s vast store of knowledge, we are able to figure out issues at their root so they can be solved once and for all.

  • Lexus Engine Repair: No matter the scope of the problem, we can fix even the most sophisticated engines. Whether it be an entire rebuild or a simple timing belt issue, we’ll get it done right.
  • Transmission Service: If you want your Lexus to provide the smooth ride it was designed for, make sure your transmission shifts gears seamlessly. If it feels jerky between gears, take it to us, and we’ll get it fixed right the first time.
  • Suspension and Steering Repair: The ride you’ll get after visiting our facility is going to be that controlled, silky drive you always knew your car could give.
  • A/C Repair: When you buy a car built for comfort, like a Lexus, you’ll only be able to enjoy it if the cabin is at a mild temperature. Bring your Lexus A/C repair needs to us if you want to ensure comfort.


How To Repair a Lexus Dashboard

The best way to go about repairing a Lexus dashboard is as follows:

  1. Remove the dashboard from the vehicle by unscrewing the holds.
  2. Strip the old cracked leather from the plastic.
  3. Paint on some resin or glue to make the next cut of leather stick.
  4. Place the new leather on and use a heat gun or powerful hair dryer to help it stick and reduce air bubbles.
  5. Cut off the excess leather and, once it’s all dry and smoothed down, put the dashboard back into the vehicle.
  6. You’re all set with a brand-new dashboard!
  7. This can be a lot of work; getting it right takes experience. So, if you’re feeling daunted, call us, and we’ll make sure everything gets done perfectly.

Is it necessary to use OEM parts for repairs?

Yes, if you want your vehicle’s value to remain stable and performance to be maintained, we highly recommend OEM parts. Our Lexus auto shop in Heath uses authentic Lexus parts, so you get only the highest quality of repair.

Where can I find Lexus service and repair information?

Give us a call at (740) 967-7833, and we’ll happily provide you with all the information you will need to service and repair a Lexus vehicle.

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As your local auto shop in Heath, we’re going to treat you with the kind of Midwest respect that will remind you of why we’re all here in this beautiful state. Give us a call and we’ll help you out for an honest, neighborly price.

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