New Albany’s European Vehicle Experts

Situated just northeast of Columbus, New Albany offers residents a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities within easy driving distance. The area has a thriving business community, as well as plenty of arts and cultural events to enjoy. The community in New Albany is an active one, with plenty of local events and civic organizations to enjoy, so it’s important to have a vehicle you can rely on to enjoy all of these local benefits. If you drive a European vehicle, Howland Autohaus is here to help you keep it in top shape.

We Know Your Vehicle

While there are plenty of garages in the Columbus metropolitan area, the simple fact is that not all of them can handle the intricacies of a European vehicle. These cars demand specialized care, and that’s what we offer here at Howland Autohaus. Our skilled service technicians know your car inside and out, so you can rest assured your car is in good hands with us. We service:

If you own a European vehicle and need a repair, or just want to get on the right track with your preventive maintenance, call or stop by Howland Autohaus today!

Our Services

From Preventive Maintenance to Major Repairs

European vehicles are notoriously reliable, but to keep them running at their best it’s important to keep up to date with your scheduled maintenance. These maintenance procedures, like brake checks, fluid checks, and tire rotations, are planned out to help keep your car healthy as well as to help catch any potential problems early.

While we always hope those problems won’t come for our cars, sometimes they’re simply unavoidable. Whether it is from an accident or just wear and tear, sometimes parts fail. If you notice your car acting, sounding, or smelling strange, or if you see warning lights on your dashboard, get your car into a garage as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Some of the services we offer at Howland Autohaus include:

A/C Service

Brake Service

Check Engine

Clutch Repair

Engine Repair

Oil Change Service

Suspension Repair

Transmission Repair

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